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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Solovair boots and shoes safety rated?

A: No. Solovair boots and shoes are all Fashion Steel Cap, or FSC. Solovair products have not been certified by any US or Canadian safety board or group.

Q:  How much is shipping?

A:  Standard shipping in the continental US is free, AK and HI are a flat $10 charge.  2 day and 3 day are available at an additional charge during checkout.  Shipping to Canada is $20.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SHIPPING TIMES:  Selecting 2 or 3 day shipping does NOT imply the product will be delivered in two days from the time of entry.  It simply means we will send your order with 2 or 3 day shipping.  We still require 1 to 2 business days (does not include weekends) to process and ship your order.

For example, an order could ideally be placed early on a Monday with 2 day shipping.  If it is processed that day, it will be sent via 2 Day Priority shipping and delivered Wednesday, 2 days after the order was placed.  Alternately, an order may be placed Friday afternoon and not processed that day.  The next business day is Monday, and the order would then be sent with 2 Day Priority mail, and delivered on Wednesday.  This would be 5 days after the order was placed.  However, this would still meet our goal of processing all orders within one business day as well as the shipping option selected.

Please contact us if you have any questions on anticipated shipping times

Q:  Do you ship to Canada?

A:  Yes!  We are the official Solovair representative for Canada as well as the US.  We ship via US Post with accompanying customs paperwork attached.  However, we do not collect any taxes or customs fees.  The customer is responsible to pay any applicable monies per Canadian law.  Shipping to Canada is a flat $20 rate.

Q:  What is your return policy?

A:  See Our Policies for details, but in summary, products returned within 30 days with all packaging and no damage or wear are eligible for refund.  Instructions and addresses are also in the Policy section.

Q:  Is return shipping paid?

A:  No, at this time we are not offering free return shipping.

Q:  Are all Solovair boots and shoes really made in England?

A:  Yes!  Every Solovair boot and shoe is 100% hand made in Northamptonshire, England.  The Solovair brand is manufactured by Northamptonshire Productive Society, or NPS, which started production in 1881.  You can read more about it on the NPS site at  

Q:  Can I pay via Paypal?  

A:  We accept Paypal by request.  Send us an email to with the following information:

  • Product and Size (UK and US)
  • Full legal name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Shipping Option (Free, 2 Day or 3 Day)

We will send an electronic Paypal invoice to the email address provided.  Once paid your order will be process and sent as instructed.

Q:  What if I really need to use a check, or some other form of paper payment?

A:  We do not accept checks, money orders, or other paper forms of payment.  We recommend using a credit or debit card.  However, we can also invoice you via Paypal, which does have options to fund via a traditional bank account or other paper forms.  Contact Paypal to set up an account, the contact us at info@solovairdirect.

Q: Do you provide repair service?

A:  At this time we do not offer any repair service.  We recommend you search locally for a highly rated cobbler, shoe repair shop or leather repair shop.

Q:  My soles have worn out.  Do you have replacement soles I can purchase?

A:  Unfortunately we do not have OEM soles we can offer.  We are working on offering these in the future, but for the time being we do not have access to replacements.  We recommend selecting a high quality replacement such as a Vibram aftermarket sole and have a local quality cobbler provide the service.