About Us - Solovair and NPS

NPS Shoes Ltd was founded in 1881 as one of the world’s original footwear manufacturers in Northamptonshire, north of London.  They are the creators of the famous Solovair heat sealed brand, which includes the incredibly comfortable 'Air Cushion' technology.  Solovair assembles footwear using the authentic Goodyear Welt construction that offers the utmost in strength and flexibility.

Solovair boots and shoes owes its success to the select group of customers who still believe that British made footwear is best, relying on them for quality, comfort and style for over 130 years.

SolovairDirect.com is a partnership created to provide the US and Canada access to the best boots and shoes that Britain has to offer.  We operate out of sunny San Diego, and we are happy to answer any questions you have.  Contact us any time via email, phone or social media.